World’s Oldest-Known Person Dies at 118 Years Old

Some say that no one leaves the earth until its maker is ready for us to part with it. French nun Lucile Randon, who was more commonly known as Sister André, was the oldest known person. The woman of faith was born on February 11, 1904, in a town called Ales in southern France.

The woman was also given the title of the world’s oldest COVID-19 survivor; she beat the coronavirus.

According to AP News, the French woman died just a few weeks before her 119th birthday. A representative by the name of David Tavella reported that Sister Andre died at 2 a.m. on Tuesday at a Sainte-Catherine-Laboure nursing home in the town of Toulon.

The French nun’s information was confirmed by the Gerontology Research Group, an organisation that ensures that people who are 110 years old and over have their stories factually told. It listed the woman of faith as the oldest known person in the world, succeeding the death of Kane Tanaka at the age of 119 last year, who was of Japanese ethnicity.

Sister Andre shocked the world when it made headlines that she had survived the deadly COVID-19 virus. She was diagnosed with the ailment in January 2021, not long before she celebrated her 117th birthday; however, being the strong woman she was, she didn’t even realise she was infected with the virus because she had little to no symptoms.

The woman who survived not one but two world wars was asked about the secret to her long life, to which she replied by saying that the reason she lived so long was that she was always working; she reportedly worked until she was 108 years old. One of her favourite things to do was to enjoy a daily glass of her favourite wine and chocolate.

The Gerontology Research Group has now reported that the oldest known living person is now an American-born woman by the name of Maria Branyas Morera, who now resides in Spain. She is 115 years old.

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