Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Shows Off “5.0 Bumpa” – Watch Video

Yanique Barrett, better known as the ‘Curvy Diva’, had come forward almost a year ago that she was looking forward to having more plastic surgery done while criticism ran rampant on the internet about her ‘ill-shaped’ bottom.


At the time, Yanique stated that she was advised to hold off on the surgery until she was ready and she spoke out against her haters stating that she knew how she looked but would not let the public rush her actions.

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Over the weekend, she posted a series of pictures and a video online to update her followers about her new look after keeping true to her word and having more work done. She called her new and improved look the “5.0 Bumpa” in the captioned post.

In the pictures posted she was seen laughing at the camera and posing sideways and forward. She was dressed in a multicoloured button-up dress with her hair in a single, long, plaited ponytail. The lone video saw her showing off her butt from different angles.

See the pictures and watch the video below:



The comment section of the post varied from good to bad comments with andreantomicka stating, “Everywhere else on you look nice except the bottom . Some of the bottom want to come off,” on the other hand, barbielove323 writing, “It fake but it still a shake.”

Read more comments below:


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