“Yeng Yeng” Bikes Under Threat To Be Banned in Jamaica

“Yeng Yeng” motorcycle riders will have a very difficult time going forward as there has been a request for the government to place a ban on the bikes in the form of a petition.

The issue the person that created the petition is having with the motorcycles is the fact that there have been violent crimes associated with the bikes including murders over the years and spiked in recent times.


The person in further describing why the petition was created stated that even though motorcycles are a nuisance it is not the noise the people fear but the drive-by shootings and robberies they are used for.

The petition creator also noted that the motorcycles cost taxpayers as well since they are caught in a lot of accidents and often result in expensive hospital bills.

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The request was made on Wednesday this week and is scheduled to close out on October 26th.

The goal of the petition is to get 15000 signatures for the petition to be officially reviewed.

Since this year there have been more than 4 reported cases of “Yeng Yeng” robberies and drive-by shootings with some of the cases even being caught on camera.


There also have been many unofficial reports of the criminal activities on the bikes in the corporate areas.

See some people comments below.

See the petition page below.


If a person is interested in signing the petition they are able to do so at https://opm.gov.jm/participate/jamaica-house-petition/sign-petition/?pet=112.

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