Young Thug’s ‘Lovey-Dovey’ Jail Phone Call With Girlfriend Maria The Scientist Leaked – Watch Video

Thursday, January 25, 2024, 4:26 AM GMT-5

A recording of a phone call between Young Thug and his long-time supportive girlfriend, Mariah the Scientist, has somehow made its way online. As well as a recording of their conversation, the leak also includes a video that shows them having an intimate talk.

As for the conversation itself, it’s relatively similar to what most people would envision as the two catch up and discuss some recent gifts that the Lifestyle rapper bought for her.

It’s unclear why, who and how the jail video was leaked online. An unmake-up Mariah appears in the video with her natural hair and jewellery.

Mariah The Scientist’s opening remarks to the rapper during the call were, “What’s up baby? Merry Christmas, I love you,” before she kisses the glass that separates the couple.

“I miss you and I love you,” she repeats to the rapper. Thug then appears to ask about her Christmas gifts. “Thanks for my gifts,” Mariah replied.

“Them chains heavy?” Thug asked, and she replied, “They heavier than the bracelets for sure.” Thug also said Mariah looked like a rapper with chains around her neck.

However, the convo then took an unexpected turn, as Mariah creaked out in a different tone of voice, “Daddy am I your baby?” she questioned Thug before the video ended.

See the video below:

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