YouTuber Ordered To Pay Cardi B Over $4Million

YouTuber Tasha K is in the hot seat at this point, after going through a week-long trial with female rapper Cardi B on a case of libel that was filed against her.

The Vlogger was found to be in the wrong as all the jurors sided with Cardi B against her in the federal court, as the rapper made claims that Tasha K had made allegations in a video against her that she was a prostitute, who had caught STI’s and was in a life of drugs.


According to TMZ, the libel lawsuit was filed against the Youtuber in 2019, after she declined a cease and desist order to take down the video in which she made the claims.

On Monday, Tasha K was eventually found to be liable on 3 different claims, due to which she has been requested to pay “$1.25 million in general damages and $250 K in medical expenses”.

On Tuesday, $1.5 million more was added to the initial amount, the Youtuber was also told to repay Cardi B’s $1.3 million legal bills, making the total over 4 million.

The rapper even took to the witness stand, where she explained how the Youtuber’s allegations impacted her mental health, leading her into a suicidal state.

Cardi B was represented in court by Sarah Matz, Lisa Moore, and William Pequignot and according to the judge, any additional punitive damages will be brought up in the upcoming hearing.

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