1Biggs Don Speaks Follow Up To “Bwoy Haffi” Freestyle Plus Being Followed By Drake

After going viral by way of a freestyle video on Tik Tok 1Biggs Don has been revelling in the moment of public recognition of his talent. Since the breakthrough moment for the artiste he has been featured on several interview platforms such as Onstage Tv and Entertainment Report.

One of his most recent interviews; however, is one that he did with The Fix in which he spoke about following up the popular “Bwoy haffi” freestyle that he did with the youtube channel ‘OTP Control’ and being followed by world renowned rapper Drake.

Where it concerns the rapper following him, the uprising artiste who stems from the parish of Manchester expressed how he loves how everything is going for him at the right timing.

As it relates to what 1Biggs Don has in the making after his viral moment, it was brought up in the interview how the song was officially released but people were complaining that it does not sound as good as the freestyle to which the artiste responded by letting it known that the beat had to be changed since the original version was sold off Youtube.

Regardless; however, the “Bwoy Haffi” artiste is planning to release an official music video for the song as well as he is planning to drop a song on the “Code Riddim” that Dancehall artiste Brysco got his break from. 1Biggs Don also told the hosts of The Fix, Javi and Naro that he is planning to collaborate with his fellow young uprising artiste Marksman after it was brought up in the interview conversation that the two were seen in the studio vibing together.

Watch 1Biggs Don’s The Fix interview below.

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