1Biggs Don, Marks Man And Stalk Ashley Performs At Taboo

The internet sensation 1Biggs Don, who blew up after his “Boy Haffi” freestyle went viral and ignited a dance challenge on TikTok, performed in front of a large audience at Taboo alongside the trending artistes Marksman and Stalk Ashley.

The 18-year-old, who has decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and already has many fans from his freestyle, he had a tightly-packed room singing the lyrics of his song and dancing to the infectious beat.


1Biggs was enjoying his newfound fame and the love of the fans, while behind him the other teen artiste Marksman and the “Taliban” singer Stalk Ashley were also jumping and dancing along to the track.

Following his performance, Marksman stepped up and kept the crowd hyped up as they sang to his popular tracks, including the hit single “Verified Choppa” which had everyone singing the lyrics word for word. The singer engaged the audience during his performance allowing his fans to sing solo.

After his performance concluded, Stalk Ashley went on and performed the trending song she has with dancehall artiste Skeng entitled “Taliban” which is another favourite of the audience who were obviously having a great time.

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