3 Killed in Kingston Shootings – Watch Video

Two separate shootings that were connected resulted in three men being fatally shot in downtown Kingston earlier today. A report outlines that the first man was killed sometime after 10:00 a.m. on Orange Street, close to the York Park Fire Station.

It was reported that four male occupants of a blue vehicle shot and killed a man. Police, who were nearby the House of Tranquilly Funeral Home, seemingly heard the shots and confronted the armed men, which resulted in a shootout.

Two of the perpetrators were subsequently killed, and an illegal firearm was seized. Meanwhile, the two other suspects reportedly escaped, prompting the police to launch a search.

Since the incident, footage has surfaced showing what appears to be a public transportation bus trying to evacuate the area as they discussed what they saw and the gunshots they heard. It also captured two armed men running along the street.

Near the end of the video, a civilian can be heard detailing that after the armed men shot the victim, the police instantly responded to the sound of gunshots by running from the funeral home and shooting at the men.

“One a dem jump inna di car and di police beat di car wid gunshot. About three police a shoot di car….Look like one di gunman dem inna di car get shot, di car crash further up di road.”

Watch the footage below:

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