Footage of Controversial Police Shooting Surfaces Online – Watch Video

CCTV footage of the alleged police shooting of a man has surfaced online following the fatal incident reported to have taken place this week.

Reports state that the deceased, known by the moniker Jah Jah, got into an argument with a female acquaintance on the night he died. The argument reportedly took place while she tried to leave in a vehicle with an unidentified police officer.


In the footage, Jah Jah can be seen waiting outside a seemingly closed business establishment and talking to someone off-camera on Tuesday. The footage cuts ahead to a woman locking the said establishment’s roll-down shutters with a padlock before she is followed by Jah Jah to a car nearby.

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After Jah Jah accosts the woman, the alleged officer exits the car and gets in the middle of the altercation, but Jah Jah proceeds to drag the woman from the car again. As the altercation seemingly intensifies, two shots ring out, and the woman begins to scream, horrified.

Watch the footage HERE :

See some of the reactions to the video below:

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