35YO Virgin Tries to Find Love on a Dating Show – Video

September 22, 2022

With high hopes of finding the man of her dreams, a 35-year-old virgin joined a dating show where she got to try her luck at dating several different men at once. Sonali Chandra starred in one season of Lifetime’s dating show “5 Guys A Week,” where she lived with and dated five different men. As the days went by, she eliminated the ones who were not compatible.

According to TMZ, the secret behind her being a virgin in her mid-30s is that she grew up in a strict Indian household, which is not surprising considering that sex before marriage in India is taboo. Sonali was born and raised in New Jersey, United States, to Indian immigrant parents. Growing up, she was prohibited from attending slumber parties and could not go to prom. As for dating, her father did not allow it.


“Dating was absolutely forbidden. I didn’t do anything to bring him disappointment,” Sonali explained. “I was a good girl, so I didn’t have my first kiss until I was twenty-six.”

During her week on the dating show, Sonali found a potential match with a guy named Erik. The pair had a very steamy moment together, which led Erik to teach Sonali about getting troublesome boner, and things became awkward. They were cosy in bed together, kissing, and Erik ended it and explained why.

Realising she had more chemistry with Erik, she chose him as her perfect match out of the five guys. The couple, who were all smiles and kisses, expressed their happiness, but somewhere down the line, things changed. Someone had a change of heart after the show ended, and there were no more prying cameras. Sonali told TMZ that she and Erik parted ways, and she remains a virgin. Given that the dating show did not lead to a happily-ever-after ending for Sonali, she is yet to find her one true match.

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