40-Year-Old Virgin Seeks Dating Advice

A 40-year-old virgin, Christian woman recently wrote a letter seeking advice for dating a man whom she has started to develop feelings for.

In the letter, the young woman disclosed her name only as L.B. and stated that she is a homeowner who has been dating a divorced man for months who has two children, whereas, she has no kids and has never had sex.

L.B. expressed that she and the guy communicate mostly on the phone and whenever he mentions sex, she would change the topic because she is fearful of being intimate with a man.

She further added that the guy does not own a home currently as he left the one he had to his ex-wife in the divorce. As such, L.B. mentioned that the guy has asked on numerous occasions to spend time with her at her home and while she has had male company over before, she has never allowed a man inside her bedroom.

Craving the need for male companionship, L.B. is seeking advice on how she can move forward with this guy whilst still being a 40-year-old virgin. Her letter seeking help from a pastor was published in the Star.

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