55-Year-Old Virgin Needs Help With The Love Of His Life

An elderly man disclosed in a letter to Tell Me Pastor that he is still a virgin, but he is in love with a woman that constantly rejects him.

Referring to himself as a “lay leader”, he explained that he never got married because the woman he is in love with always rejects him. The woman he is in love with is also single and, just like him, she doesn’t have any children.

The writer briefly noted that he gave himself to the church and while he is unable to say whether or not the woman is also a virgin, he stated that even if she had children he would still want to make her his bride.

“I have a house and I have good investments that I would have loved to pass on to my children and grandchildren, but that is not going to be,” he stated after he disclosed that the woman is past the age of childbearing.

In the letter, the 55-year-old man said he sees the woman occasionally and tries to talk to her, but his attempts haven’t been successful. While he couldn’t say why he loved her, he knew that he has never felt that way about any other female.

The anonymous writer later said he tried to laugh off the questions he get about why he isn’t married and he added that he didn’t meet the right one yet.

Has his letter concluded, he added that the last time he approached her she ran him away. As a result of this, he wonders if a relationship with her would ever be possible. He later said that his nieces and nephews are likely to be the inheritance of his assets, and he might just have to accept that he will remain single for the rest of his life.

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