40 Dead, Over 100 Injured: Deadly Attack on Friday at Moscow Concert – Video Report

Friday, March 22, 2024, 5:57 PM GMT-5

In a horrifying act of violence, at least 40 individuals were killed and over 100 were injured during an attack at a concert venue in Moscow, Russia on Friday. The tragic incident unfolded at Crocus City Hall, a popular location for music events, where attendees were caught in a deadly assault by several gunmen.

Russian state media reported that the assailants, dressed in combat fatigues, stormed the concert hall, unleashing a barrage of gunfire on the unsuspecting crowd. The chaotic and terrifying scenes were captured on video, showing the gunmen firing automatic weapons at the attendees. The attack has been deemed the worst of its kind in years.

The attack has been claimed by ISIS, marking a chilling escalation in the group’s activities. The exact motives and the full implications of this attack are still being unravelled, but it has undoubtedly shaken the nation and the international community.

In the lead-up to this tragedy, there were indications of potential threats to public safety. The U.S. Embassy in Russia had issued warnings earlier this month, noting that “extremists have imminent plans to target large gatherings in Moscow,” with a specific mention of concerts.

American citizens were advised to steer clear of large gatherings, hinting at the intelligence pointing towards possible terrorist activities.

As the country grapples with this devastating event, the international community stands in solidarity with the victims and their families. The response from Russian officials is eagerly awaited, with President Vladimir Putin yet to make a public statement regarding the attack.

Watch BBC’s report on the matter below:

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