6-Year-Old Girl Escapes Attempted Abduction – Watch Video

A six-year-old girl from Ohio, USA is safe at home with her parents and siblings after she fought off an alleged abductor.

The incident was captured on video by a doorbell camera at the family’s home, and 6-year-old Ken’Adi Nash is seen taking out the trash in front of her house as she is approached by a man on the sidewalk. Ken’Adi’s mother had just gone inside to put away some groceries.

After approaching, the man grabs Ken’Adi, steps away, but turns back suddenly. Ken’Adi tries to run as she sees the man turning back around, but the stranger grabs her by the hand. The 6-year-old tries to pull away from the man, and as he tries to drag her away, she screams loudly.

The stranger quickly lets go and casually walks away, relaxed as if nothing happened. Ken’Adi runs back to her house and alerts her parents. According to Good Morning America (GMA), Ken’Adi’s father, Ricky Nash, followed the man in his car while he called local authorities. “I chased him like he still had my kid,” Nash told GMA, “Definitely didn’t want him to be able to go snatch another kid.”

The man was later arrested and identified by police as 33-year-old Deric McPherson. McPherson has since been charged with abduction and inappropriate grabbing.

Watch Ken’Adi’s escape in GMA interview below.

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