Mico Student Abducted And Robbed Of Cellphone, Cash And Bank Card

The student whose name is being withheld was standing just outside of the Mico University College campus awaiting a taxi to purchase food in Crossroad when a grey Toyota Axio pulled up beside him, a white Toyota Axio quickly came along then the members of the white car reportedly ordered him to enter the grey car.

It was at this time that the 21-year-old male student was abducted and robbed of his cellphone, cash, and a bank card which he claims the robbers later used to withdraw cash from his bank account. The incident took place shortly after 7 pm yesterday.

The members of the Mico Guild of Students, of which the student is a member, are outraged about the attack as the student was not only robbed but was also beaten and threatened of his life. According to the student, his life was spared when one of his abductors convinced the others to put off the killing.

The victim was then forced to jump into a gully not far from the university grounds, he recounted that he started running until he could see the main road. He eventually walked back to campus bare-footed as his slippers were left in the car.

The young man is traumatized as a result of the ordeal and according to Observer Online has said, “I feel terrified. I don’t even know what to say…this experience is awful.” He also mentioned that he usually walks the short distance to Crossroad but decided to take a taxi because another student was recently robbed while on foot in the same vicinity.

He later said that he did not see the men with any weapons.

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