Footage Resurfaces of 64YO California Teacher Punching 14YO Schoolboy for Insulting Him in Class – Watch Video

Wednesday, November 29, 2023, 1:53 PM

A former California music teacher was arrested after fighting a student who threw insults at him during class at the Maywood Academy High School. The student-teacher confrontation occurred when music instructor Marston Riley, 64, told a 14-year-old schoolboy to leave his classroom because he was not dressed in the correct uniform.

The student, who refused to leave, started spitting insults at the teacher as they stood in front of the class. This was when another student began filming the incident. The video of the incident resurfaced on X Tuesday, showing the student throwing a basketball at Riley as he continued to insult him and call him a racial slur.


While Riley’s responses were unclear, the schoolboy was heard cussing him out and repeatedly calling him “nigger.”

The confrontation turned physical when Riley suddenly punched the teen in the face, resulting in a fight in the classroom. The instructor continued to hit the 14-year-old teenage boy despite others trying to separate them and students yelling, “Stop.”

Another male student briefly jumped into the altercation and took multiple swings at Riley, who subsequently retreated. While someone restrained the teen he was fighting with, Riley asked the classroom who hit him, but no one answered.

Watch the video of the fight below:

According to a report, the teenager received treatment for mild injuries at the hospital. Riley was initially charged with child abuse for the incident that occurred in November 2018, but the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office eventually dropped the charges. Riley, who was forced to retire, also did a ten-week course on anger control.

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