Akon Paid $7,500 for a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Senegalese-American singer Akon has the internet buzzing after he appeared with a sharp hairline. The new look the R&B artiste is now rocking has been the focus of memes emerging primarily on Twitter. With all the attention on his hair, Akon revealed that he recently had a hair transplant done in Turkey. He admitted to doing the transplant while speaking to Bootleg Kev and detailed the painless procedure, which cost him $7,500.

“I went to Turkey and got a procedure. ‘Cause don’t forget, in the beginning, my whole front was loose. It was real thin,” he explained. He continued by saying that the procedure was not painful, aside from the beginning when they were numbing the area. “The painful part is the beginning when they gotta numb you up. That numbing ain’t no joke,” he said. As for the cost, Akon stated that healthcare treatments in the United States are overpriced when compared to other places, which is why he did the transplant in Turkey, a country located in Western Asia.

According to the Lonely artiste, a standard hair transplant procedure in the US would be approximately $50,000. “It’s so affordable, it’s ridiculous. For what I did, it would’ve cost me 50 grand in America. I paid what, $7,800 $7,500… Here, they overcharging,” he added. “Anything related to healthcare or any kind of medical procedure, America is, I mean they tag on ten times… Man, I work hard for this money. I’m not, I don’t care.”

He also joked about telling rapper Tory Lanez to get his hairline fixed at the same doctor. The jokes were nonstop on Twitter, where fans created memes about his hairline being too low. Akon reacted to the memes with laughing emojis and told fans to keep sending more.

Watch the video of Akon talking about his hair transplant below:

Check out some of the Twitter memes below:

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