An Accomplished Woman Makes A Cry For Help To Find A Man

February is best known for its charm and romantic atmosphere because of the international couple’s day, Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated annually on the 14th. Around this time many persons are reminded of the love they have for their partners and others are reminded of the single lives they have chosen.

Of course, not everyone who is single wants to be single. On Tuesday, February 1, an anonymous woman wrote to a pastor about her concerns about being single. The woman, who is 25-year-old, asserted that she is attractive, educated, employed within a good job and lived a life free of baggage.

She wrote that she has never been in a relationship before, but people never believe that she is single. She explained that the men she meet are never interested long enough for anything to flourish.
The woman mentioned that most of her friends are in relationships or married and that persons at her workplace who are married received preferential treatment.
The letter seeking relationship advice went on to add that she felt lonely and frequently felt left out during relationship conversations between her friends or coworkers. With the culture of men pursuing women instilled into her, the woman said that she does not have the ability to be bold nor upfront.

However, she said that most of the men she met seemed to require a little help in their pursuit.
The woman wrote that she would like to meet someone with who she can establish a relationship with and more. She said that her time is running out in the dating world, so she would like to know what changes she can make to find the right person and secure a partner.

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