Associates Speak About The Son Who Allegedly Killed His Parents In Portmore

February 7, 2022 12:21 PM

Last Friday in Christian Meadows, Portmore, Simeon Ramsay was alleged to be the killer behind his parents’ death. According to reports, the son slashed the throats of his father and his mother. However, Persons close to the family have reported that Ramsay was once a “teddy bear”, but he began isolating himself as he struggled with mental turmoil from his father’s ruling iron fist.

When Ramsay’s previous employer, former coach and teachers were contacted they disclosed that he was caring without an ounce of hostility. Ramsay is regarded as a Christian who had a unique way of interacting with children during his career as a caregiver and teaching assistant.


This contradicted the other reports received claiming that he was suffering from a mental illness which was displayed in the double homicide. 

A grieving employer who Simeon previously worked for recalled that Simeon was a “nice child” who always sent voice messages of “love and hope”. The employer also said Simeon had told her that his father wasn’t working anymore and he was pressuring Simeon for money to contribute to the household, even though he wasn’t earning a lot.

The anonymous employer told the Gleaner next that Ramsay had gained weight, and he trained with the Phoenix Academy to start a career in football, but his father prevented him from continuing.

The employer went on to say that when Ramsay was around the age of 22 or 23, he would earn $12,000 per week for the work he did four hours a day. She recounted picking Ramsay up at Portmore bust stop in Half-Way-Tree from Monday to Thursday every morning to take him to her house. The employer said she told Ramsay that he could stay over, but he said his father wouldn’t allow that.

The employer further explained how Ramsay had to attend church and church meetings, so he couldn’t go to any of the events she invited him to because his father wouldn’t agree. In addition to this, a past teacher of Simeon told The Gleaner that when he spoke of his parents he would belittle them, but he shield their stern ways by being “diplomatic”.


Craig Butler

Along with these accounts, Craig Butler, who’s the president and CEO of Phoenix Sports Management, told the Gleaner that Simeon came a few times when he was in prep school. He said that Simeon asked to rejoin the academy several times, but he would always stop coming after a few days. Butler also mentioned that Simeon showed no sign of violence during his time there. Next, Butler said that it is unfortunate that Simeon carried out such an act because the academy preaches “family, love and loyalty”.

More reports reveal that the St. Andrew Preparatory School, where Phyllis Ramsay worked as a sixth-grade teacher for 20 years, is very concerned about Simeon’s mental health. It is said that the father was obsessive and controlling to the point where he demanded to see his wife’s payslip.

However, the Ramsays were viewed as a good family by various persons. A member of the St. Andrew Preparatory School described the family as “wholesomeness”.


Unfortunately, principal Bethinia Edwards could not be contacted as all calls went to voicemail. Nevertheless, the teachers and auxiliary staff at the school are undergoing grief counselling.

According to reports, Simeon Ramsay had a hard time balancing school and his position as Key Club president at G.C Foster College.


Another teacher said that when Ramsay was younger, he participated in cricket before he eventually stopped because he had many church responsibilities. The former employer spoke about Simeon’s optimistic attitude of always seeing the “glass-half-full” and said that he was always smiling and talking about God.

Additionally, a family friend expressed that Simeon had probably reached his breaking point because of the family turmoil. The friend assumed that his mother was just collateral damage because she was always yielding to her husband, and she never protected him from his father. The family friend called Simeon a “teddy bear” who never shouted, and added that Ramsay could not manage jail.

It has been revealed by the St. Catherine South Police that Ramsay has not yet been charged.

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