Son Allegedly Kills His Parents In Portmore

This morning in Christian Meadows, Portmore, St. Catherine, there has been a double homicide that has left the residents baffled. The murder victims are 69-year-old Cecil Ramsay, who is a Minister of Religion and painting contractor, and 55-year-old Phyllis Ramsay, who is the acting Vice-Principal of St. Andrew Preparatory School.

Their son, Simeon, allegedly killed the married couple. Then who is a teacher, tried to make an escape from the scene in a car, but he crashed in Dunbeholden.

The police reported that they received a call regarding the car accident, and they went to speak with security guards at Phoenix Park in Dunbeholden about the abandoned vehicle. Further reports state that the Toyota Axio motor car was owned by Phyllis Ramsay and there was blood inside.

Not long after, they found Simeon walking in the community, and upon being arrested and questioned, he confessed he killed his parents.

After escorting the suspect back to the house on Antaris Avenue in Christian Meadows, the police discovered the bodies with their throats slashed and the knife that was used.

The suspect was in handcuffs at the scene while detectives carried out the investigation. Simeon was later brought into custody. Residents of Christian Meadows claimed the son had a mental issue.

Meanwhile, St. Andrew Preparatory School staff members are getting grief counselling because of the death of their Vice Principal.

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