Atlantic City Cop tells Suicidal Man “I Love You” before Saving Him

Sunday, October 18, 2020, 8:02 PM

There was a suicidal case in Atlanta City recently, but fortunately, the man was saved by a brave and compassionate cop. The Atlantic City cop saved the man from committing suicide and also told him that he loves him. The guy who attempted to commit suicide perched himself on a bridge and was about to jump off the bridge when the cop came to his rescue.

The cops at the police station got a call from the guy’s family. They informed the cops about the suicidal intention of the boy and also sent them his photo. Eric Knuttel, who works at the crisis negotiation team, found the guy and had a 10-minute conversation with the boy and tried to convince him to give up suicidal thoughts.


The guy, however, got even more upset and walked off to the ledge to jump. Knuttel grabbed the boy from his leg and stopped him from jumping. He not only saved him but also told him that he loves him. There was another police officer on sight, and he also told the boy that they would make sure to get things right for him.

With the rise in suicidal cases, the cops are always alert and ready to offer their services. The guy who got saved was taken to the hospital and has been admitted to a psychiatric ward for evaluation.

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Watch the incident below.

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