Police’s Wife dies in the backseat of his cop car after being locked in

A horrific accident took place after the wife of a Miami cop tried to get something in the backseat of her husband’s police car, reports state that the 56 years old died as a result of the heat after being trapped inside the vehicle for four hours while her husband slept after his shift.

It would have been impossible for the woman to escape the vehicle as inside the backseat where she was locked is made out of unbreakable glass and grills so there would have been no way for her to get out.

Officer Sheril Dorsey, gave a report on the issue stating that when the scene was investigated there were handprints all over the window suggesting that she was struggling to get out and even tried to make a phone call.

When the temperature of the vehicle was checked it was way too high for her to have survived.

Her husband is very reputable as a member of the Miami police force and gave his service to them for over 25 years so this incident does come as a shocker.

Neighbors of Paulino have expressed their condolences to the family telling WTVJ who captured the news that the deceased was a steward.

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