Baby Cham might be Spice’s Son Father says Nicholas Lall

Monday, December 28, 2020, 12:04 PM

Former Spouse of The Dancehall Queen Spice, Nicholas Lall, has responded to claims that have been in the air of him not being the biological father of his given son by the entertainer.

This new information was released online in the form of an audio recording and it had Lall speaking about the jacket allegations.


In the talk, Nicholas said that when his son was four months old he saw a picture with a baby in the house, for which Spice said that it was Baby Cham’s child who she was good friends with.

According to Lall, the child in the picture looked exactly like his son. He said he was so surprised he called Grace in the room and asked if his son was Baby Cham’s child.

After bringing that to Spice, Nicholas said that she cried for days, telling him how wicked he is for thinking like that.

After that time he said more people began to talk about the allegations, and it was then he asked someone to send him a picture of Baby Cham’s son, but the person sent him a video and that’s when he realized that the two boys look exactly alike.

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The story gets more interesting as he said the child did not get his last name, and regardless of his family members telling him that the child might not be his, he loved the child regardless.

The story went on with Nicholas letting it known that Baby Cham, is the Godfather of the child and suspiciously when she was pregnant she and the veteran male deejay had a falling out.

It was during that time Lall said that Spice, wanted to have an abortion and he pleaded for her to keep the child. He went on by saying that it is at this point, that the pieces are coming together.

According to Nicholas, the “So mi like it” artiste has agreed to a DNA test and said even if the child is not his he will still keep the jacket.

He also mentioned that this information was one of the reasons why RT Boss started to talk about Spice, being ungrateful.

Lall explained that he could have never raped DHQ Danger, as she said it happened when he was drunk but he stated that he does not drink drunk.

He further cleared himself by letting it known that the last time he contacted the dancer, she told him Spice did not want any of her dancers to talk to him anymore.

After learning about the latest in the saga, one person commented “Spice need to start make her life private, too much mouth on her man” while another said “What a dirty world”.

Listen the audio recording in the video below.

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