Justin Budd Officially Takes on Daddy Role to Spice’s Kids

December 27, 2020

Queen of The Dancehall Spice’s new partner Justin Budd is fully taking on the role of Daddy, with the entertainer’s children, recently putting them in awe with some surprising Christmas gifts.

The female Deejay posted the video on her Instagram with the family at home celebrating Christmas, all matched out in holiday Pyjamas.


The video unfolded to a scene where Spice’s son Nicholas, went eagerly to unwrap his gift from the entertainer’s new boo, Justin Budd, that they were hyping him up about.

What he saw, was a big box and when he opened it he was shocked as all he initially saw was Spongebob Pyjamas and underwears and boxes of Captain Crunch.

In subtle disappointment, Nicholas looked at Justin and said: “You’re just throwing things in there now, huh?”.

The boy who’s biological father is Nicholas Lall was still grateful and celebrated the Captain crunch with a small hype up with Budd.

He then proceeded to dig further in the box when he was blown away with a PS5, blurting out “There’s no way”.

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After unwrapping the box further he saw that it was legitimate and, was extremely joyful in his reaction.

After stating thanks Daddy in the caption the entertainer who was in the role of, Mother, Grace Hamilton at that time went on by saying “for loving my kids the way you love me,”.

She further explained that for years, she has been the one to gift her children with presents on Christmas, something Nicholas Lall, the biological father of the children said was impossible due to hindrance from Spice.


Budd did not leave Spice Out when it came down to presents as he gifted her with boxes of Jewellery and other exquisite things which can be seen on the entertainer’s profile.

The new father for Spice’s children, also posted a photo of Nicholas happily partaking in the moments of his PS5.


The “So mi like it” singer, recently gave away 1 million dollars for Christmas among different people and for that she did express that she feels good to be giving back.

For Spice, it seems that all controversy is in the back seat for right now.

Check out the dramatic video below.

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