Baby Cham Tackles PM Holness… Suggests that Artistes Govern Jamaica

April 5, 2021 3:51 PM

Veteran dancehall artiste Baby Cham who now goes by the name “The Cham” is the latest out of many dancehall artistes who have taken to social media to publicly disagree with the recurring statements of the prime minister of Jamaica in which he concludes that the island’s high crime rate is boosted by the violent lyrics in many of the dancehall songs.

PM Holness has blamed the high violence in Jamaica on the music, at least three different occasions in 2021 so far and as a result hardcore dancehall lovers are pointed the blame right back at the government who are paid to govern the island.


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According to the “Ghetto Story” artiste when he decided to become a dancehall artiste, it was to entertain people and not to govern people or become everyone’s parent. He went on to outline at least 4 different problems other than music that boosts crime on the island.

Check out his video’s caption below, whereby he also tagged PM Holness.

Cham took things further and suggested that himself and fellow dancehall artistes take over the government of Jamaica so that they can finally bring some “order and restoration” to the country via music since it’s deemed as so influential by the government.

He explained that “artistes is a mirror of society… if you take away the art from the artiste you take away the artistry and then you’ll have no artiste” he concluded before urging everyone to do the right thing.

Bounty Killer was quick to repost Cham’s message on his Instagram page showing that he agrees with what Cham is saying while Beenie Man and several others were in the comments in support.


Check out Cham’s full message below.

“Why is this man blaming crime on music every prime minister that the ppl vote in when dem get them Bloodclatt seat to work Dem fail and come point fingers well we pointing right back at you” Says Mavado a couple days ago.


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