Bad Boy Trevor’s Daughter Speaks Out About Leaked Oral Sex Tape – Watch Videos

The daughter of popular actor Bad Boy Trevor is at the centre of a recently viral oral sex video that has been receiving backlash online. The teenage girl, Lailah Isabella, has since spoken out about the leaked video that showed her giving a male oral sex while reportedly in her school uniform.

It was initially alleged that her ex-boyfriend leaked the footage online. Other speculation pointed the finger at Lailah as the one who released the compromising sex tape. However, Lailah has denied the rumours via a video that was shared online.

“Why would I even expose myself? That’s dumb,” she said in the recording. “It’s not him expose me so unuh just leave offa him name and just lowe him alone please,”

In the footage, she indicated that while she would not go into details about how the tape was leaked, she and the guy in question were not the ones who did it.

My fault still cause me go trust people. Mi nuh know if mi did frass or whatsoever. Mi nah go really explain wah happen…and a who dweet…It happen, and it gone already,” she stated.

While sharing that she would remain strong, Lailah said that she would focus on herself and heal from the ordeal.

Watch the videos of Lailah below:



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