Best Friends Score 97% on PEP, Heading to Campion College Together – Watch Interview

June 27, 2023

Two best friends will embark on an academic journey together after they scored 97% in their Primary Exit Profile (PEP). Close friends Arianna King and Jayanna Brown have shared a bond since grade five at St Richard’s Primary School, and after sitting PEP, their friendship will continue to bloom as they head off to Campion College together.

In grade five, their friendship kicked off after Arianna approached Jayanna at school and asked why her schoolmate was not giving her “any attention,” to which Jayanna promised to always give her attention from there on out.


Jayanna expressed during an interview with CVM At Sunrise that she was surprised by Arianna’s boldness but admitted that she always wanted to befriend Arianna. The pair subsequently became great friends, and as PEP drew closer, they were pumping lots of energy into preparing themselves for the exam by working hard at school, at home, and online together.

“I had many extra lessons from my teacher, and when I went home in the evenings, I would always study. Sometimes I would even study with Jayanna online,” Arianna said during the interview.

Jayanna shared that she also had extra lessons and added, “Quiz Club also helped me to prepare for PEP.”

While the two were buckling down, they indicated that they were not concerned about who would achieve the highest mark because they were going to be happy for each other.

The two girls apparently chose the same high school to continue their education by chance, and both shared different stories about why Campion College was their desired school. Arianna was inspired to go to Campion from grade one when someone she saw as a role model at St Richard’s Primary School went to the high school.

On the other hand, Jayanna said her mother has been manifesting Campion in Jayanna’s future since she was still in the womb. When the big news arrived that they were heading to Campion, the girls were happy, and their parents were overjoyed with the accomplishments of their daughters.


When asked about the desired careers that they would be pursuing at Campion, Arianna stated that she hopes to be a chemical engineer, given her knack for science and mathematics. Meanwhile, Jayanna expressed that she is waiting to see the different career opportunities that are ahead before she decides.

Arianna expressed that she admires how Jayanna knows when it is time to have fun and when it is time to work hard, Jayanna said her friend is just like her “but in a different font,” describing her as smart, pretty, and fun.

Watch the interview with the two girls below:


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