Black and Latino Party Goers Hosed by White Neighbour in New York – Watch Video

A birthday celebration was forced to come to an abrupt end after its mostly black and Latino attendees were left soaking wet by their white neighbour, who allegedly drenched them with his garden hose.



Reports state that Haitian-American doctor Yves Duroseau was hosting a birthday party for his sister at his home in Forest Hills, Queens, New York, when an unidentified woman entered the house. The woman, who was accompanied by a large, menacing German Shepherd, demanded that the music be turned down.

According to reports, shortly after she was asked to leave the property, Duroseau’s white neighbour, Marcus Rosebrock, allegedly began spraying the party guests in the backyard with his garden hose. One of the party’s attendees captured the incident on her phone.

In the video, The stunned guests can be seen staring over at Rosebrock’s property as someone, unseen from behind a hedge, begins spraying them with water. One man, who was seemingly attempting to speak to Rosebrock from over the fence, was forced to abandon his efforts as Rosebrock turned the hose on them.

As the guests move to find cover, the hosing becomes more aggressive. Duroseau and his guests have filed a lawsuit against Rosebrock and are seeking justice for the assaultive conduct, battery, and civil rights violations.

Watch the video below.


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