Bob Marley Took His Kids to KFC “Some Days” Says Rohan Marley – Interview

Though not a practice customarily associated with the Rastafarian religion, Rohan Marley humorously recalls his father, Bob Marley, occasionally taking him and his siblings to KFC.

There have been several instrumental and inspirational figures associated with the Rastafarian religion, such as the Honourable Marcus Garvey. However, Reggae legend Bob Marley is arguably the most recognisable individual from the religion.

Rastafarianism is known for its militancy and its strict principles, particularly its diet, which was steadfastly adhered to by Bob after he joined the religion.

Reflecting on his father’s life and legacy during a recent interview on Drink Champs, Rohan shared both memories from his childhood and the stories he was told.

Rohan described his father as a lion and said he and his siblings considered him their superhero. While he expressed that his father was very disciplined when it came to his diet, he was less strict with his children and treated them on “some days.”.

“When you’re young, you don’t want none of that shit. Beetroot, Irish moss, you know a lot of ital food, no taste, wheat dumpling [ … ] But some of the time he’ll take you to Kentucky Fried Chicken,” Rohan stated.

Watch the interview with Rohan Marley below.

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