Bob Marley’s Movie Shows that Rita was Bob’s “One Love” says Mr. Vegas “Real good love story” – Video

There has been a lot of talk about Bob Marley’s biopic and his extramarital affairs. Dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas, who previously shared his thoughts on Bob Marley’s love life, returned with his review of the biopic.

Interestingly, he said that the Bob Marley: One Love film focuses on Bob’s journey with Rita Marley and dismisses the other “side chicks.” Mr. Vegas, who was streaming live when he shared his review, expressed that Bob Marley: One Love “is a very good movie” but only shows one side of Bob’s life.

“This movie, in my view, is more about his journey with Rita Marley… It’s like Rita finally claat har matey dem, Rita finally get back at her matey dem,” Mr. Vegas said.

Continuing, he emphasised that the “one love” aspect of the film is about Rita Marley, “the one love of Bob Marley life,” and not about “nuh one love for the world.”

“The movie is a love story of Rita Marley and Bob Marley. It’s a good love story,” he added.

He indicated that the biopic shows Cindy Breakspeare as merely a “side chick” and someone insignificant. He also pointed out that the film subtly included Bob Marley’s hit song, Turn Your Lights Down Low, leaving room for interpretation that the song was written for Rita.

He pointed out that, in an old interview, Rita candidly stated that the song was written for Cindy.

“Cindy play a role enuh, yeah man, but dem claat har. Cindy played a role in the movie, but the role that Cindy played was a side chick role… It’s revenge; the movie is really revenge. Rita Marley tek har revenge pan Cindy,” he added.

Additionally, Mr. Vegas commended lead actor Kingsley Ben-Adir for doing an exceptional job portraying Bob Marley, adding that no Jamaican could have played the role as well as the British actor did. He also expressed that the film excluded certain negative aspects about Rita to paint her in a good light.

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