Bolt Seemingly “still waiting” on SSL Despite Their Reported $11B Payout

Saturday, January 20, 2024, 8:13 AM

Earlier on in January, Usain Bolt took to social media to speak about a year going by since the Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) fraud and how he was trying to remain strong. On January 19, 2024, the institution in question revealed that they have initiated a payout starting with the sum of eleven billion dollars to its clients that were fleeced.

However, public opinion is still sceptical and remains in Bolt’s corner as they wonder if the retired athlete has gotten any funds from this payout.


According to SSL, this payout was just the first phase of transferring clients’ funds, and the second phase will consist of more of the same. It was stated that $564M was handed over to 165 clients while $10.5B in local financial securities were transferred to different organizations from some 765 client accounts.

The BRSL (Business Recovery Service Limited), who is the current temporary management team for SSL, is overseeing the smooth operations of these phases and has been running things since January 17, 2023, after news of the scandal broke out.

The release by SSL advised that they are, “working assiduously to resolve the remaining issues in the shortest possible time.” Bolt has yet to comment personally about the payouts, however, an account known to be associated with him made a telling comment under a post about the payouts. The account name @ateamlifestyle commented, “Bolt still waiting on his 😐.”

At the moment, It’s unclear what Bolt’s outcome will be, however, it is clear that his fans are impatient about the fastest man alive not getting back his money in full or at least partial via the funds that were transferred.

One Instagram user stated, “We just want Bolt to get his money that’s all we want to know.”

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An update on the progress being made by the institution will be given in a month by BRSL.

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