California Mother Says Children Were Demon-Possessed After Killing Them

After three children were found dead in a West Hills home in Los Angeles, the 38-year-old mother of the children identified to be Angela Flores was arrested and later given a bail of $6 million dollars but will remain in jail.

According to an article published on the matter by, the mother confessed to killing the children with the assistance of her 16-year-old son, who was also arrested and booked by the authorities for one count of murder and is currently being held at the Sylmar Juvenile Hall without bail. Flores was charged with three counts of murder even though her defence was that the kids were demon-possessed.

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Angela Flores

So far District Attorney George Gascón has spoken on the matter by stating that his team is working towards holding the persons responsible for the situation accountable while also making it known how much the matter has affected their community.

It is understood from the article that on Sunday the Police received a call from someone claiming assault from a deadly weapon, who was said by neighbours to be the woman’s teenage son at about 7:30 a.m. made the call.

The victims identified were “8-year-old Nathan Yanez, 10-year-old Kevin Yanez and 12-year-old Natalie Flores”.

So far authorities have said that the cause of death was not sure, however, they did report seeing signs of trauma in the victims and are currently awaiting the autopsy to make further conclusions. According to neighbours of Flores who gave statements, the woman was seen out on her front porch behaving strange and screaming for her Bible and making claims about killing her children.

Based on the information given in the article written on the matter by, Flores was taken to the hospital-based on an assumption that she was crazy by the Police but only discovered the entire situation the next day when the woman’s son called them. It is also said that the family had just moved into the house just 3 months before the incident, but neighbours have claimed that they often time would hear screams coming from the dwelling.

Florence is set to be arraigned on August 10.

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