Cardi B says “God put Joe in place”

Saturday, November 7, 2020, 4:27 PM

Female rapper Cardi B who is in full support of Joe Biden did not hesitate to go online and express her feelings after hearing that the democrats won the presidential election held days ago on November 3rd, “i’m ready for a change… it’s time for a change” she stated on her live chat.

“I woke up to some great fcking news… i knew we was gonna win” she went on to state that “god knows better” and that “God put Joe in place” because the Trump supporters were “getting out of line”.


Cardi went on to outline that Joe Biden is for the people, but things going to take time.

Earlier Cardi posted a video online of her self smoking 3 cigarettes while she anxiously awaits for the election results, check her out in the video below.

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