CCTV Shows Bizarre Supermarket Robbery in Trinidad – Watch Video

Video footage released shows four men on their way to commit a robbery in Trinidad, the video also shows them in the process of robbing a supermarket and their chaotic escape after the robbery.

The video starts with the four men walking along a road in single file, several feet apart from each other, next the video shows the men entering a supermarket and one of the men who had a large Adidas bag, opened it and took out a shotgun.

Money and valuables were then demanded and seen being taken from workers and cashiers in the business place. The men took the items and casually walked out of the building, then entered a parked car, they seemingly tried to get the car going but failed to do so which led to them exiting the vehicle and running off in a chaotic manner.

A second footage of the escape shows one of the men, the one with that large bag and shotgun running off the road onto a property, then exiting shortly after to join his cronies who continued running along the road.

The video of the incident was uploaded to Facebook with the caption, “Robbery at Changoors Supermarket Poonah Junction, Williamsville.”

Watch the robbery below:

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