Footage Shows St. Elizabeth Bar Robbery; One Suspect Held – Watch Video

Following a bar robbery and subsequent shootout between gunmen and police on Sunday night, footage of four thieves raiding the St. Elizabeth business establishment has begun to circulate on social media.

Reports state that the incident took place in the community of Lititz, St. Elizabeth, at approximately 7:00 p.m. In the footage, two loud bangs, like gunshots, can be heard before four men wearing ski masks stormed into the bar. The female bartender seated around the counter runs to the back of the bar just before the men, two of whom appear armed with guns, enter.


One of the men went to the counter and appears to pocket the bartender’s phone, and a second man begins to remove items from shelves while another returned outside to keep watch. The bartender can be heard whimpering off-camera as the watcher returns to inform the remaining three robbers that the police are outside.

One of the men makes a run for it, and gunshots can be heard after another leaves. According to reports from the Jamaica Observer, a police team on patrol in the community was shot at by one of the gunmen. The officers returned fire, and a chase ensued.

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One suspect was apprehended by the police, while his three accomplices escaped. A firearm and three rounds were seized after the incident, and the stolen items were returned.

Watch the video below.

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