Ce’Cile Lashes Out Against Living In Jamaica And The Harshness Of Customs

Life in Jamaica amidst the pandemic continues to spew hardship on the people and even though some have been surviving, others are still finding a hard time making ends meet to the extent where even the entertainers have begun to speak up about the country’s situation.

One of the most recent to do so was Ce’Cile who addressed the matter on her Twitter account, with a series of 3 posts that highlights her stress where living in Jamaica is concerned.

In the first post, the entertainer wrote “I’m honestly tired of jamaica. When u look at it Jamaica is built for the normal man to fail and become a felon. I can’t point a finger at one elected official that fights for the people..they only fight against each other…but not really for change for the people”.

Ce’Cile went on with her highly critical outlook by lashing out against Jamaica Customs who she explained will turn even Jesus into the worst criminal, due to the high charges for importation which the singer claims are a robbery from the system which can sadly only be manoeuvred by getting a direct link to the Customs organization.

While venting, Ce’cile highlighted that “The system is designed by criminals to ultimately turn every citizen into a criminal to fatten the pockets of individuals. Nothing is designed to do right by the country’s citizens.”


The singer is not the only one we have heard coming out and speaking on behalf of the people as many others such as Bounty Killer, I-Octane, Beenie Man, Spragga Benz, Buju Banton, Tanya Stephens, and Mr. Vegas has consciously voiced their opinions about the corruption and hardships they have witnessed within the gates of the country, however, as expected little change has taken place since the year has just started and crime is booming.

Where a situation like Customs is concerned though, it has been a good fact among the people that certain items such as phones and laptops will require them to pay an additional 51 percent of the overall cost which is something many have lashed out against but not any celebrity in particular which upon this occurrence might just make the topic a hot one, which in reality needs conversation at this point since the difficulty to bring technology in the island prevents educational and entrepreneurial progress.

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