Christopher Birch Recounts Being On A Hijacked Plane With Shaggy

Producer and musician Christopher Birch is ready to jump back into the business as a vocalist, however, his success would not be complete if it was not also fitted with trials and he recently spoke with the Jamaica Gleaner about one of his experiences that could have proved to be fatal but did not.

The incident according to Birch occurred while he was travelling in Africa on a private plane that landed in Ethiopia and also had Shaggy and other industry personnel on board the craft. According to the well-known musician, the experience will stick with him forever even though it was traumatic as the aircraft he was travelling on was hijacked by robbers who took the money and other items from the Pilots while the plane was refuelling on its way to Ethiopia.

Based on the recollection of the experience from the hijacking, Birch said the flight captain was worth recognizing because of how he handled the situation. In the midst of the moment, the producer said he had just woken up, but Shaggy and the others were sleeping when he saw weapons, he explained that the captain was very tactical about the situation as he said there was no escalation and it was not until they had landed in Ethiopia that the circumstance was explained to the passengers.

After the occurrence of the challenging event instead of giving up on travel, Birch who operates the recording label Birchill music says it allowed him to see his purpose for what it is. As such stepping into his purpose, Birch has already collaborated with Kalyra, on a single entitled “High”, and in his talks has given credit to his brother for opening the doors of the entertainment industry for him which he said he started with a piano gig at a bar. 

Starting on the music Birch said he was usually behind the scenes, however, it was not until his brother showed him the way that he decided to put a big step forward which he says has opened the doors for him with many opportunities to travel.

As his advantage, Birch says he can make his voice sound the best he can, and has used his gift to tap into the international music market spaces even though he is still adept at making Jamaican instrumentals.

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