Chronic Law Takes Aim At Jahvillani In Portmore “Some Bwoy a Ticks”

August 2, 2019

Chronic Law who performed AT Portmore GOLD couple days ago made sure to take shots at former 6ix member Jahvillani, Chronic Law in response to Jahvillani’s diss song against him stated “man a talk bout if Law Boss run him belly ago drop him” then it was on to Hilltop Badness.

Midway into his performance Chronic Law throws a few more jabs at Jahvillani “some bwoy jus a long up dem mouth bout wi badmind dem fi clarks and a fi wi style” Law Boss went on to big up all the real 6ix supporters “Some Bwoy a Tix”, “dem cah kill 6ix” he stated.


“how mi pree people fi style when mi have mi owna style” he continues as the crowd shouts.

Last Week, Squash was asked about former 6ix team member Jahvillani to which he did not have much to say but “them a tix, dem a nuh 6ix”, Squash called out his current 6ix team members and states that he don’t know who Winford is talking when he asked about the fallout with Jahvillani.

On the other hand, “Mi nuh wah nuh bwoy a come run inna mi DM a come tell mi seh mi nuffi big up 6ix..” Shane E opens up to persons inboxing him about taking side with Jahvillani and not the 6ix team.

Shane E who got angrier as the seconds pass by went on to state that “Mi nuh rate bumboclxxt wile side guh suck dem madda.. mi nuh rate Jahvi dem suck-out dem madda” The Flankers artiste also explains that persons from Wile Side team have been telling selectors to not play his songs at parties.


Jahvillani Confirms Not Being Apart Of The 6ix

In a recent Entertainment Report interview Wile Side Deejay Jahvillani was asked about being apart of the 6ix, Jahvillani replied stating “a always Wile side Government”, he was then asked, if he was never apart of the six to which he stated “No bredda” he explains that ” a di public seh 6ix, wile side and di six dem”.


On the other hand a couple of weeks ago while in the UK Jahvillani stated that himself and he 6ix team is good, they are one. Now the artiste is making it clear as water that he is doing his own thing, however, no bad comments towards the 6ix.





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