CMR Caught Kissing Another Woman in Leaked Footage – Watch Video

Social media has been thrown into a frenzy following a leaked video of CMR and another woman kissing. The footage surfaced some hours ago and is in high circulation, showing Cushane ‘CMR’ Carter in a compromising position with a woman that is neither his wife nor his ex-lover, Shani.

The new mystery woman, wearing a red lace wig, is seen snuggling up with the ex-soldier in a vehicle. As she changes the angle of the camera, bringing it closer to their faces, she gives him a French kiss with all of her tongue visible.

Watch the leaked video below:

The leaked tape was seemingly taken on May 22, 2022, based on the date shown in the video. Along with the footage, a voice message reportedly from the same female was released. In the audio that was apparently sent to Shani via Instagram, the mistress, who goes by Kasskingdom, accuses CMR of using her.

“Hey Shani, it’s Cassandra. I just wanted to come to you and say that I see what’s been going on with you and him and the situation, so I just wanted to come out with my situation and my story cause am tired of being taken advantage of and to let her know that he has to go,” she said. She also urged other women who might have been involved with him to come forward.

Listen to the audio below:

The revelation of a new mistress comes several weeks after his affair with Shani was exposed. Shani, who leaked voice messages to prove her sexual relationship with CMR in March, accused CMR of taking advantage of her. 

Since speaking out about the affair, which CMR initially tried to play off as a prank, the public has both bashed and defended Shani. She received another verbal thrashing from the public for trying to start drama by calling a dog “Crissy” late last month.

Meanwhile, the Carters have been undergoing marriage counselling and rekindling their relationship, which has been evident in their new YouTube videos. Now, with new receipts that CMR had multiple affairs, their marriage is taking another hit while viewers chime in with criticisms.

Shani went live to talk about feeling “shock” after seeing the viral video of CMR kissing another female.

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