Cops Kill Man who was Wanted for “Buck 1” murder and over 15 others

Saturday, August 22, 2020, 10:52 AM GMT-5

A 34-year-old man who’s name is Orlando Chambers was gun done by cops after a shoot-out on August 20th at around 5:50 AM. The man who is from the Maxfield Avenue area in located lower St. Andrew is said to be linked to over 15 murders and various other violent crimes dating back to 2019.

Buck 1
Dancehall artiste Llancelot White aka Buck 1 and Charly Blacks

According to the police, dancehall artiste Llancelot White aka Buck 1 killing was set up by Chambers in August of 2019, another person Kemar Thomas was also killed in the incident. The two men were having a drink at a bar when unknown men appeared and started firing shots. Buck 1 was from the St. Ann community of Parry Town where Chambers also frequent and committed many of his crimes.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Fitz Bailey after hearing the news, explained that “The people of St Ann are breathing a sigh of relief following the news that a ruthless gangster who wreaked havoc on their lives and livelihoods is no more.”

According to the police, the operation took months to setup and they pulled it off after much coordinated investigative work done by detectives and SWAT, plus the Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Unit (CTOCU).

With regards to other most-wanted men who are on the run-in Jamaica, DCP Bailey stated that “We will find you and we will bring you to justice”.

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