Crab Circle Reopens to the Public – Watch Videos

Following its closure in October, popular Jamaican street food spot Crab Circle has reopened to the public at National Heroes Circle in Kingston.

The location remains controversial, with many on social media still vowing never to return after the circulation of vendor Alice Waugh’s viral video. However, scenes from the location reopening reveal that consumers are still willing to support the other vendors at the location who are hoping for a fresh start.


In a show of support, the Mayor of Kingston, Delroy Williams, could be seen enjoying a cup of soup prepared by one of the vendors, Munchie, at their newly refurbished stalls. The mayor also provided a helping hand, serving one of Munchie’s returning customers.

Sharing photos from the reopening, Williams thanked the municipality’s partners, such as J. Wray & Nephew Limited, who assisted in Crab Circle’s reopening.

In videos and photos taken at the venue, vendors can be seen preparing Crab Circle’s famous soup, roasted yams, and corn. The vendors received new branded chef shirts from Heart NSTA Trust, and the venue’s updated washing areas and newly built (and much-needed) bathrooms were also on display.

Watch the videos below:

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