Crazy Barbershop Shooting Caught on Camera

Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 1:33 PM GMT-5

A customer at a barbershop in Baltimore, USA, leapt into action when an armed man shot his barber. The incident was captured on a surveillance camera inside the shop and has resurfaced online, depicting how the customer took down the gunman.

During the footage, a marina-wearing man entered the barbershop, where two barbers were attending to two customers, one of whom was an off-duty policeman. The armed man approached barber Rafael Jeffers, who was cutting Sergent David Burch’s hair.



The gunman, Carlos David Ortega, withdrew a firearm and immediately started shooting at Jeffers, who fell to the floor. Ortega yelled at Sgt. Burch in Spanish to move away from his seat, apparently to shoot Jeffers again.

However, that was the moment when Sgt. Burch withdrew a handgun from a bag he had on him and fired six shots at the perpetrator. Sgt. Burch subsequently checked the front door before he dragged Ortega’s body away from where Jeffers was still lying.

The video of the November 2021 incident concluded shortly after Sgt. Burch ordered the second barber to call the police and shouted at Ortega to stay still. According to a report from CBS News, both Ortega and Jeffers died that day.

Watch the video of the incident below:


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