Crissy Carter Sends a Message to Everyone – See Post

With new drama unfolding in the Carter family’s household, Crissy Carter has sent an important message out into the world.

The note comes days after a video and audio were leaked, suggesting that her husband was having affairs with two young women aside from Shanni. The women joined Shanni on a live stream chat and even claimed to have recently gone to a hotel with CMR.

Similarly to the first cheating scandal, the internet has been buzzing about the new affairs, dragging the women for sleeping with a married man, bashing CMR for cheating on his wife, and even going at Crissy, labelling her a “yamhead.”

The mother of four reacted to the leaked information with a tweet on May 10. The tweet only consisted of the word “S T R E N G T H,” seemingly indicating that she is strong enough to overcome this new tribulation.

The tweet received over 17.2K views and 271 likes, with her supporters sending their love, prayers, and words of motivation.

One supporter wrote, “The Lord has given you the “STRENGTH” to go through all that ur going through hunni and he will carry you through it all bless you … love you❤️,” and another stated, “It ruff baby but keep strong God is with you.

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