Dancehall Fans Want Senate President to Resign After He used the F- Word in the Upper House

Jahvillani’s father-in-law Tom Tavares Finson, the current president of the Jamaican Senate used an expletive during a sitting of the Upper House of the Jamaican Parliament approximately 15 days ago. This has caused a number of dancehall fans and professionals from the university to be calling for his resignation.

A large number of dancehall artistes have been penalised since they started enforcing this law: any person who uses or sings any profane indecent language shall be guilty of an offence and can be fined a maximum of $2000 in the court. Under Jamaica’s Towns and Communities Act.


The police started enforcing the law in 2001 and a long list of dancehall artists were arrested and charged including Jahvillani who was penalised because of his expletive laced performance at Reggae Sumfest almost 2 years ago.

Dancehall fans have cheered Gordon, the lecturer in UWI’s Department of Government, when he stated that Tavares Finson, who is an attorney at law, should resign.

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The president of the Senate had apologised to Lambert Brown after he had defiled the Senate with his crude behaviour. Brown said the apology needed to go further, he believes it is important for the message to be sent to the public that the elected officials are being held to the same standards as them. Gordon believes the president’s resignation would be equivalent to the charges that are being given the other Jamaicans who break the law. 

The Prime Minister has called on dancehall artists to refrain from using violent lyrics in their songs and dancehall fans are now saying they don’t want to see any double standard. 

They believe Mr Tavares Finson would be locked up if he had used the expletive on the Reggae Sumfest stage and the Upper House of Parliament deserves much more respect. 


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