D’Angel Reacts To Beenie Man’s OnlyFans Criticism

Thursday, October 8, 2020, 9:51 PM GMT-5

D’Angel, the popular Jamaican singer, model, and brand ambassador, is earning millions by keeping her Onlyfans account active and running. The popular diva attracted thousands of subscribers to the platform instantly after joining OnlyFans in June 2020.

Fans caught D’Angel shopping for a brand new expensive car last week, which is not a big deal for her as she has been earning a heft amount recently after joining the subscription platform.

It seems like this isn’t going down well with her ex-husband, Beenie man, as he has criticized his ex-wife for joining the platform. While talking to the YouTuber Teach Dem Beenie Man expressed his concern over his son getting badly influenced by his mom joining the platform.

He said while talking to the blogger that it is her duty as a mother to think about her son. He further said that he doesn’t think that there was any need to join such a platform because that could negatively influence our teenage son.

The lady who became a household name by playing an important character in Dancehall finally broke her silence and reacted to the controversy regarding her ex-husband Beenie Man.

Responding to King of Dancehall, the singer gave her comment to STAR and cleared her beliefs. She said that she doesn’t discriminate what mothers do for their children. She also doesn’t believe in dictating to others being a mother herself and doesn’t want to show off either. Many other top celebrities like Cardi B are mothers and using this platform as a source of income. Being a mother is a hard and full-time job in itself, so full credit goes to them, and she believes so very firmly. The singer has got many hit songs under her belt, and Exposed seems one of them. She also cleared that before joining OnlyFans, she discussed it thoroughly with her mother. However, her mother made sure that being an adult and a professional artist, the choice has to be hers.

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The singer further stated that she didn’t discuss it with beanie Man for the approval. She firmly believes that they have to do something about their income source, especially when the entertainment industry isn’t giving them many options.

D’angle also discussed that when her photos were revealed, she discussed it with her son Marco. Her son is very mature and understanding as he is 13 years old. She further explains that having heart to heart conversations with her son made him more sensible and understanding, no matter what the situation was.

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