Danielle Rowe’s Father Addresses Andre Stephens and The Mother of His Child For Trying To Tarnish His Name, “Just Leggo Mi Name” – Listen Audio

Danielle Rowe’s father, Corporal Norval Rowe, has spoken out as he tries to end the speculations and allegations swirling around his name following the death of his 8-year-old daughter. The primary individuals the father pointed out for some of these rumours circulating are social media personality Andre Stephens and the mother of his child.

According to the father via a leaked voice note, Andre Stephens needs to show empathy towards him, seeing he has just lost his daughter, and stop seeking viewership on his YouTube channel by slandering his name.


Norval says that based on Stephens’s past traumatic experiences, he expected he would be more cognisant of the trauma he may be inflicting on others going through loss and grief due to his utterances.

He issued a few questions and suggestions towards Stephens by stating, “Nuh recently you claim to say a woman who is your mother was murdered, tell how that felt tell me? Because you see if you did feel any semblance of grief, you would be very careful of trying to inflict the same sort of trauma on other people, apparently you nuh feel no way seh she gone me need you fi think, behave like a human being.”

Norval also revealed that contrary to the rumours about him, he assisted the police in their investigation by giving names of his previous intimate partners. In a final warning, he told Stephens to keep his name out of his mouth.


As it regards the woman he shared Danielle with, the father says her effort to assassinate his character is hard to understand, seeing the help he offered her during her time of need. Norval went as far as to call the mother of his child a con artist who has admitted she wants to kill him.

“Me go through hell with that girl(baby mother), hell, hell, wul heap a hell a six years now we left and fi six straight long years she deh pon me case if she need a money she haffi slander mi fi get the money and that has been her way,” Norval recounted.

See the video below:


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