DHQ Danger Reports that Spice’s Baby father Raped her

Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 1:32 PM

Spice is in the middle of a shocking sex scandal after her former dancer DHQ Danger accuses her child’s father of rape.

Dancehall Queen Danger says Spice’s baby daddy engaged in non-consensual sex with her and threatened her when she was working for the dancehall star. Though Spice’s former dancer was accused of sleeping with the deejay’s man which is documented as the reason for her dismissal, she has come forward to say the story was severely manipulated to make her look like the bad person.


In an hour-long video that she shared on IGTV, DHQ Danger played a series of voice notes that she sent to Spice’s baby’s father. In the clips, she is an emotional wreck as she accuses him of taking advantage of her when she was just a “little girl” trying to make it in the industry. She says his actions were premeditated and inferred that “everybody” is being messy and is avoiding telling the truth.

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“Everybody nah stop paint bad picture a mi mek it look like me a di worst bloodc***t ting,” she said. Danger says she held it down because of her love and loyalty adding that she didn’t want to lose what she had. When she was kicked out of the camp, the dancer says she was traumatized and lost.

Danger says she was 19 years old and a single mother when she joined Spice’s dance group. Coming from nothing and trying to make a life for herself and her child, Danger says she was threatened, silenced, and manipulated since she was young and helpless.

“Dem time deh me a likkle gyal,” she said. “Yuh go out pon di road go drink and come back come tek room key and come back come hold mi down and fk me off. Chat off yuh bloodct mouth and manipulate me and threaten me my yute. Yuh know mi never waah lose mi bloodc**t work.” Danger broke down as she listened to the WhatsApp voice notes that she sent to the accused – on her Instagram LIVE.

Danger recalls that Spice and her baby daddy had a toxic relationship and the night she was allegedly raped, Spice warned her baby daddy before he went out not to go drink and act a fool, and specifically “nuh bada go out deh go f**k nobody” reminding him that she’s a well-known artiste and it will reflect poorly on her.

Danger says later that night Spice’s baby daddy got a key to her hotel room, came in and pulled his pants down, and ripped off her panties. She believes based on his swift actions that it was not his first time raping a woman.

Amidst years of backlash and the harsh reactions that ensued due to the false narrative, Danger says she will not hold in the truth anymore as she has been a victim this whole time.

She highlighted the fact that women get raped all the time, especially in the entertainment industry, and are unable to speak up because they fear for their life on account of their predators being in a position of power.

Watch one of her live chat below


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