Spice Responds to her alleged Reader Man Claims

Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 8:41 AM

Some new voice notes of Dancehall Queen, Spice have surfaced due to a leak coming from RT Boss, who had earlier released Whatsapp audio of the artiste commending him for his work as his reader man.

Since those first voice notes have been released, the man who claims to be Grace Hamilton’s spiritual advisor has said to the public that, he is tired of being brushed under the carpet and not recognized for his work.


All of the new reveals came in a live video done by RT Boss, which heard him saying things like Spice is ungrateful and how he helped her to get rid of “Duppies” sent by Lady Saw, to harm her.

Spice who appears to view her spiritual advisor as a confidant recently messaged the man about the things he said in his video, however, RT Boss was not willing to keep any more secrets and proceeded to leak those voice notes as well.

In the voice notes the audio of Spice, could be heard letting the Reader man know that she feels away about what he did, making him know that she has feelings too as she is human.

Spice also told RT Boss that she is not trying to hold him down or anything of the sort, however, when he behaves like that she does not know if she can trust him.

In response to what Spice said, RT Boss made it known that all he wanted was his recognition for working with her for years, which she was ungrateful not to give.

The reader man also did several live videos after the voice note leaks, to make certain things clear to those who are tuned In to the controversy.

He said all he wanted was an acknowledgment from Spice to let people know who he was, and that what he does as her spiritual advisor is not Obeah.

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In one video he stated that he could remember driving to Maryland, to cut and clear crosses off Spice as she was usually victim to people who lived on her name negatively.

In making his point clear, RT Boss said on his life that he was not looking a “Buss” as he already got it with the ongoing controversy, even stating that his and Spice’s story Is now bigger than Majah Hype’s own.

He made it clear that he does not friend artistes, to get hype as many do as well as he expressed that promoters love when he attends their party because they know he will buy out the bar even though he does not drink.

The reader man also said the selectors love to play his song, because they know he spends money.

RT Boss says he has been working with Grace, from 2011 to 2019 and has not received any recognition or a song she promised to give him, and he thinks it is time he gets these those things off his chest.

The Reader Man and aspiring artist, RT Boss has been slowly but surely releasing new information regarding Spice even stating that the “Head” artiste, gave her ex a jacket.

According to the spiritual advisor that also seems to have a beef with vlogger, Pretty Don, there are many more things that can be said about Spice however, he is withholding that information until he is provoked.

Watch more from the Reader Man below.


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