Spice’s Baby Father ‘Nicholas’ Suggesting She Abused Him

December 8, 2020

The baby father to the Dancehall Queen Spice’s children has stepped forward in a major defence of comedian, Majah Hype, who was recently strongly accused by his wife of physical and mental abuse.

The babyfather of the love and hip hop star stated in a long Instagram post that he too was a subject of physical and mental abuse.


The former spouse of Grace Hamilton, in a compassionate display of character, wrote in his caption that Majah Hype should be reminded that women will always be the downfall of great men.

Nicholas Lall explained in the post that, everyone is overlooking the fact that Hype has been hurtfully impacted by the evidence of cheating he uncovered in his wife’s phone, but instead subjecting the comedian to accusations of being an abuser.

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Nicholas who is the father to Spice’s only two kids, also stated in the post that, mental and verbal abuse can be just as bad as physical abuse, as he has been a victim of such.

In closing off the post, Nicholas encouraged Majah Hype to keep strong and to be reminded he is a King.

The situation concerning the USA-based, Caribbean comedian and his spouse got escalated even further when a Godundme page appeared, sourcing funds to get a lawyer on the case, right after Majah Hype allegedly released the sex tape of his wife along with pictures suggesting infidelity.


As it concerns, Nicholas Lall, it would be interesting to hear what Spice has to say about his post, as they had big issues earlier this year.

On the other hand. Spice recently bought a house in Atlanta and opened up about her new boo Justin Budd.

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