Spice and her Baby Father saga continues Online with Threat of Legal Actions

Dancehall artistes Spice and Nicholas Lall, the father of their two children, do not get along when it comes on to his father’s duties. The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star recently returned to Jamaica with her daughter and is once again criticizing the baby father for not spending money on her children’s finances.

Displaying their dirty grooming, Spice shared several posts on her Instagram Story a day ago showing her entering Kingston Bookshop. A follow-up report showed a receipt Spice received after paying $150,000 to the honored Immaculate Conception High School for her daughter Nicholatoy tuition fee dated, 13/10.


“I have no news from Dad, but I’ll see him soon” she said. – Nicholas, I can’t hear you anymore. Toy a soon 10. Aren’t you trying to pay even 10% of one of them? Spice fired another shot at him in another post, “Because you call me the worst mom and witch, make me to take a broom.”

Both witch and broom emojis were included in the statement to impress.

Just when you thought it was done, Spice shared another video post posted on the bookstore cashier window showing her paying a bill of over 42 42,000. And asking, “Nicholas Lall You not try to buy even a single exercise book Youth? Not even a year?”

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The Children’s father, Lall, replied to Spice and made it clear that he intended to send money for his children, but she has blocked him from all mediums of communication. He accused Spice of stealing and damaging his life for a decade, saying he should be left alone and, if she did not, he would include his lawyer in this matter.

Lall replied stating, When will this witch walk away and drag my name you’re going to block me all the way, I think that’s how I get dirty when you block me from the all mediums of communications, you like the fact that you draw attention to the followers. When you call my name, whenever you don’t get your attention on social media, you call my f-king name.


Let my fucking name out of your mouth witch you don’t think you ever hurt me enough, and you stole ten years of my life b-tch let me live now because I’m so f-cking very important. Germs send me more of your Zello information I ask you if the kids are going to school here in the US or Jamaica i can send you money before i stop talking to the dog sh-t, you are trying to be relevant, but it is not, you need to stop finding rumors against me. If you keep calling my name, you will hear from my lawyer.”

In July of this year, Spice called her ex-fiance Lall for not playing a father’s role as an absentee parent. Lall’s response included accusing Spice of trying to keep his children away and that the dancehall queen is good liar.

This is not the first, but we hope it will be the last battle between Spice and Lall.


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